Japanese Art Exhibition and Culture Event in Helsinki 2023 - August


Yuki &  Shihomi at the Artmuseum in Tokyo


Since we, Shihomi and I met at the ZEN-TEN Exhibition in Tokyo we both have happenly the same idea to exhibit our artworks in Finland!
When, where, what exactly and how we had no idea the first ....
But now it's gettimg more and more clear, how the event look like :D

Today we had the third Zoom Meetning with Lapinlahden Lähde, in Helsinki, Finland!

 *** Concept ***

"Wa – Harmony"

One of the important foundations of Japanese culture is "Harmony with Nature". There are Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Typhoons, volcanic eruptions, extremely hot summers, dryness, extremely cold winters, much snow, tsuyu rainy season -4,5,6 weeks of rain. ..etc..

So much natural desasters, which human being can not control, and there is only one way to accept and live together with this nature.
Also the nature brings immeasurable wealth and happiness.
Therefore Japanese people believe that, there is power beyond human’s comprehension, namely, the power greater than ourselves.
It’s a kind of god and everything has its own god.

Moreover, 70% of Japan is mountanious area, flat land for farm is less than 20 %, even though agriculture is the foundation of life.

This is one reason why "harmony" is so important in Japan.
Simply to live togehter.

Shihomi and I considered about this cultural background.

Shihomi's basic theme is "Dragon and Phoenix", both are holy creatures.
My basic theme is "Kotodama - spirit of words", the holy power of words. Japanese people believe that Dragon, Phoenix and Kotodama have such invisible power to make humans happy.

We'd like to contribute to making the world a little more peaceful through our presentation of Japanese culture.

Art calligraphy "Dragon"

Yuki & Shihomi in front of Shuhomi's Artworks
at ZEN-TEN Exhbition in Artmuseum in Tokyo

Lapinlahden Lähde in Helsinki

at the place of Lapinlahden Lähde is a beautiful bay

Art calligraphy Haiku of akira Kurosawa