New Intangible Cultural Heritage of Japan "Shodo and Sake"

久遠 / Kuon / Eternity

無形文化財 書道と酒造り

17. - 25.09. 2022

New Intangible Cultural Heritage of Japan

"Shodo and Sake"

Shodo - the Japanese calligraphy art,
also has a psychological effect.
Sake - the rice wine has a meaning,
to purify the soul.

It will be presented
about the secret of these two Japanese traditional arts,

those have been designated as "Intangible Cultural Assets in Japan"
in October 2021.

Calligraphy exhibition - Yuki Klink

17.09.(SA) 14:00-15:00 Uhr

Presentation of  Japanese Sake

24.09.(Sa) 14:00-15:00

Presentation of Shodo-Japanese Calligraphy


Opening Time: Sat.+Sun. 13:00-17:00

Origamiya Gallery

Am Doben 87, 28203, Bremen


"ZEN-TEN-Exhibition Artists from All The Way" Instagram Live August 2022

Actually it was a quite spontaneous idea of me, as I met Hiroto at the ZEN-TEN-Exhibition in Tokyo in this June.

I came from the longest way, probably, Germany to the exhibition in Tokyo but I really wondered that several artists came to be this exhinition from all the way, for example like Hiroto, from Kouchi prefecture in Shikoku.

I thought that moment was so special, the encounter with Hiroto, so to say, kind of wonder or so.
A remarkable young artist, surely grows much greater in the future.
In addition I'm so glad that I find a young artist as an art-friend :D

So I just suggested, "how about when we stream a live together with some more artists from all the way to here ZEN Ten?".

Miho, whom I already followed on instagram, because of her amazing drawings. I think I found her at ZEN Ten exhibition in 2021. Some other fantastic artists participated this exhibition. I was so looking forward to see their artworks and themselves.

Especially I made a vague apoiontment to meet together with her at the exhibirion. Unfortunately I could see her only about 5 seconds. But it was enough to get an impression as a real encounter.

So it was a really nice live, I enjoyed very much.

Only it was a pitty that I failed to keep the live in archive (T.T)

Hope everybody could enjoy our insta live today and we may stream again.