Live Lesson Japanese and Calligraphy Yuki Mami Shodo in Instagram 23.Okt.2020

Live Lesson Japanese and Calligraphy
Yuki Mami Shodo in Instagram

Friday 23.Okt.2020
16.00-16.30 German Time
23.00-23.30 Japan Time
10.00-10.30 US, NY Time
This live streaming is about Shodo, calligraphy and learning Japanese!
We are both calligraphy artists, Mami from Iwakuni, Japan is alo a teacher of Japanese Language.

In this streaming, you can learn a bit Japanese and calligraphy, you can contact us through your comments and we talk about the topic and show live-writing in calligraphy art..

We send this live streaming once a month regularly, we prepare a "famous saying in Japanese" as the topic for each time.

If you have any request as our topic, please write us.
The topic in the next time is chosen from an Anime 😉😉😉😉😉

We are looking forward that you join us!!
Yuki & Mami



Samurai-Shodo by You Tube Live on 10.Oktober 2020 サムライ書道!

Samurai-Shodo by You Tube Live
サムライ書道 ライブ!

Shodo -  Japanese Calligraphy, Samurai Style:

Saturday 10.Oktober 2020

Actually this Live is a "Rido"-Version.
I would like to send this live about "learning Shodo
with or without knowledge of Japanese language".
But it did not work, because I made just a small  mistake at the setting.
I think I know now, how does it work!
So try it again!

Klick here ⇊


Samurai Shodo Japanese Calligraphy

In the Live Streaming I, Yuki will talk about "Samurai Shodo"
sending from Bremen, Germany.
Why this Calligraphy called "Samurai Shodo"
and I may show you some Live writing.
You can join to the topic through the messages,
please write me^^.

Wenn ihr wollt, kann ich auch auf Deutsch reden. Bitte meldet euch!

😸Hier you can get infos about Shodo, Japanese Calligraphy, t
he traditional brush/writting in special "Samurai-style".

😸Hier bekommt ihr den Eindruck von Shodo Japanische Kalligraphie,
die traditionelle Pinselschreibkunst in einem speziellen "Samurai-Stil".


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