Yuki & Dogen Zen Talk

The last live streaming befor the sumer break from San Francisco and Bremen.
We both are japanese, like mangas, drawing pictures and writing calligraphy, interestead in Zen and  living in abroad, in USA and Germany.

We met on the Instagram,
actually I found her picture on Insta, very inpressive,
and start to talk by DM each other.

In this corona time, I started to send
live streaming several times about my artworks in the Instagram and Youtube.
Soon I noticed, that some audiences of my stream understand
neither Japanese nor German,

So I am trying to write and talk more English,
which more people can understand.

I asked her my idea to stream once tigether.
Luckyly she speaks English so fluently sounds almost native.

This is our first live streaming and we plan to talk about Zen mainly.
But let's see what's happen ....

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