Introduction of the calligraphy work 1

Normally the line of Shodoflows, the japanese calligraphy,  top to down, vertical.
For this exhibition I'd like to try different: horizontal across, infinity.
The exhibition was in 2013 three years ago in Brodelpott, the cultur center in Bremen.
Some other experiment I tried as well.

「夕焼け」 - yuuyake (50x60cm)
"The Evening Glow"
Imaging a sunset and the red sky, the moment is so short, this evanessence is so precious because it will fade out. But the feeling that it WAS there stay forever.
The two letters are mixed together and I tried the "picture" looks like a sunset.

「虹」 - niji (50x60cm)
If I could go over the rainbow, I could see all my love cats.
Can you see the invisible line, that strech out to eternity.
The soft arch line with the letter "rainbow".

「空」 - sora (50x60cm)
How large is the sky, how far is the sky, you can see or you can not see how large the sky is.
The letter sky has 3 parts. The middle "roof" looks just the sky, which we see.

「夢」 -  yume (50x60cm)
Is the dream not real, or the real is the dream? the experience is sometimes more than real.
One of most interesting subject for artists is dream.
The letter has four parts. In this gyousho style they are reduced in some points and lines.

「閑」- kan (50x60cm)
"Spare Time"
I like the meaning of this word however it is quite difficult to translate in English or German (Stille Zeit, vielleicht). It is not just a "free time" but it has a kind of poetic tone, in which you can be relax.
The letter has two parts, one is a gate the other a tree. These series is about the horizonal line. In this work I put a bit vertical line in the tree.

「影」 - kage (50x60cm)
"Shadow"One of the most famous subject about evanessence can be this "shadow".
light and shadow, good and bad everything has tow sides.
The line goes fading out in the direction diagonal.


Shodo Japanische Kalligraphie Wochenendekurs 2016-September

Shodo Japanische Kalligraphie
Wochenendekurs am 17.+18. September 2016
VHS Bremen im Bambergerhaus

Am Samstag 17.9. 11-17:30 Uhr
Thema 1 「行 /  gehen」 Kanji Kaishoform
Thema 2 「ゐて」 Hiragana,
das letzte Teil vom 1000 Jahre alten Übungsgedicht 「あめつちの歌」
Am Sonntag 18.9. 11-17:30 Uhr
Thema 3 「とんぼ / Libelle」 Hiragana
Thema 4 「海 / Meer 」  Kanji Kaishoform
Thema 5 「魂 / Seele」 Kanji Gyoushoform
Dies mal war das 5. Thema ein Wunschwort von einer Teilnehmerin.
Wenn das Wort mit dem Kurs passtm kann als Thema genommen werden.
「魂 / Seele」 von Max und Elena, beide sind Anfänger.
Tanja & Nadine üben Shodo etwas länger.
Um eine Vorlage zu fertigen, wird oft 100 Stück versucht.
Das Kursergebnis

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